Cat Fur Roses Made Using Palette Technique Pet  Hair & Fur
Dog Hair Pendant Made Using Sepia Technique

Custom Jewelry 
Created  Using  the Hair & Fur From YOUR Pet

Leezas Queso Kress Created With Sepia Technique

by Hair Artist    Sandi  Johnson
Creating Custom Jewelry for over 20 Years

ALL The Jewelry Seen On This Website Is Custom Created
Using Pet Hair As The Artistic Medium

Calico Cat Hair Pendant Created With Sepia Technique

Gallery of  Unique Custom Made
One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Dark Hair Cat Pendant Created With Sepia Technique

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Pendant Using Light Dog Hair and Sepia Technique Frequently Asked Questions
Poodle Hair Pendant Created With Palette Technique

Victorian Symbolism

Hair Art Jewelry is a beautiful
way to keep memories of someone
we love close to our heart

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History Of This Old Art

This old art has been preserving
loving memories for hundreds of years

Cross Created With  Dog Hair and Palette Technique
Squirrel Made With Sepia Technique On a  Bracelet  German Shephard Using His Hair and Sepia Technique
These Heirloom Quality Pieces Are Crafted to Last For Generations

These pendants are individually hand crafted by Hair Artist Sandi Johnson
using vintage techniques dating back to the 1700's.

 A small clip of hair/fur from your dog, cat, or other pet is crafted into the image of your pet
or the design of your choice and placed inside a keepsake pendant or jewelry piece.

Hair art is a comfort for people in mourning and looking for a pet memorial.

 These pieces are custom created and meticulously made to your specifications
No two pieces will ever be exactly alike.



A Lasting Treasure For Every Pet Lover