Roses from Cat Hair
Pet Hair Jewelry
by Hair Artist  Sandi Johnson
Dog Fur Pendant

Frequently Asked Questions

  How Much Hair is Needed? Laid flat it needs to cover an area of about 2 square inches for most designs.   I always return any hair not used in the creation of these pieces
  How Long Does it Take? It takes approximately two weeks to complete a piece 
  How Do I Care For My Jewelry?
Hair Art is delicate.  It is protected under glass, but it cannot be gotten wet. A dry polishing cloth is best used to clean the glass.  Hair Art will last indefinitely if properly taken care of.  
  How Long Have You Been Creating
                   Hair Jewelry?

About 20 Years for Clients -

   Are there Special Instructions
               for Sending Hair ?
Place hair in a padded envelope for safe delivery, and always let me know to expect your package.  
   What Payments Do You Accept ? I accept most forms of payment.  Paypal can be used for payment with a Credit Card.  

Four Techniques of Hair Art

Two Are Suitable For Pet Pendants  - The Sepia and Palette Techniques

Palette Work Technique
Sepia Technique
Table Work Technique
Hair Flower Technique
Palette Technique
Sepia Technique Table Work
Hair Flowers
Palette work is very versatile as it can make pictures and designs both large and small.  The hair art is created using a "cut and paste" technique to create most any design. Sepia painting is created using hair as a painting medium.  It is brushed thinly on the background of choice just like paint.  It can also be layered and "sculpted" to create depth and dimension.  It is very often combined with palette work to create varied and beautiful designs. Tablework is created using a custom made table with bobbins and weights.  The hair is woven around a form or rod to create the desired shape.  This technique requires much longer hair than the sepia or palette techniques.  This technique can be used with the hair from horse tails and makes beautiful jewelry.
Hair flowers require long hair also.  The hair is wound around a rod and secured with wire making very long lengths of looped hair.  The hair is then shaped into petals or leaves and other shapes as desired. 

When several shapes are wired together a flower can be formed and many very large wreaths were made using the hair from groups of people 

All pieces are custom made using hair the client provides to me.  A lock of hair such as is saved from a first haircut is usually sufficient to create most designs.  

The sepia technique uses hair of any length, even extremely tiny pieces.

The sample you see on the right is approximately 2" long.
hair amount

It takes much less hair than most people think to create these pieces. The picture above represents approximately the amount needed to create an average piece of hair art.  For a one inch pendant design, if you spread the hair flat and it covers a one inch area at least twice, it is the minimum amount for most designs.  

Once the design is chosen and the style of locket is picked out, you should e-mail me for a firm quote.  The designs shown as samples are samples.

I do my best to create any design that might have meaning to the family or client.  The Bremen Town Musicians has significance as did the Squirrel, castle design, and many many others.  If you contact me
I will let you know if what you desire is possible with the amount of hair available.

All designs are chosen by the client and if you send me a picture or drawing of something you would like, I can most likely replicate it in hair.

When sending the hair, please place it in a PADDED envelope, it has been known to get caught in the machinery at the Post Office if sent in a regular envelope.   Please let me know before sending the hair so I know it will be arriving. Much of the hair sent to me is not replaceable, so it is important to know it is arriving, and I will email you and let you know I received it.

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