Roses Made Using Cat Hair
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Pendant Made Using Dog Hair

by Hair Artist    Sandi Johnson

All Pieces Are Custom Created Using Hair/Fur As The Artistic Medium

Dog Image Created Using the Sepia Technique Cat Image from Fur Using both the Sepia and Palette Techniques Dog Pendant using Chihuahua Hair with the Sepia Technique Heart Paw Print Made Using Dog's Hair with the Palette Technique
Poodle Pendant
Calico Cat Image
 "Queso Kress"
Heart Paw
Hair Flower on Blue Background made with Palette TechniqueRing Made Using Cat Fur with the Sepia TechniqueRing Made With Cats Fur Using Sepia TechniqueButterfly from Hair Using Palette Technique
Forget Me Not Flower
White Cat
Cat Fur ImageButterfly
Basketweave from Hair Using Palette TechniqueHair Flower on Pink Background Made Using Palette TechniquePit Bull Flower Made Using Palette Work TechniqueBelgian Sheep Dog Pendant Made Using Palette Technique
Weave of Dog Hair
Forget Me Not Flower
Forget Me Not FlowerBelgian Sheepdog
Pit Bull Image from Hair Using Sepia TechniqueGerman Shephard Using His Hair and Sepia TechniqueLight Hair Dog Pendant Made Using Sepia TechniquePoodle Pendant with Flower Made Using Palette Technique
Light Hair Dog
Poodle and Flower
Two Cats Made Using Their Hair and the Palette TechniqueCat Pendant Made Using His Hair and Sepia TechniqueDog on Blue Background Made Using Sepia TechniqueFlower Earrings Made Using Dog Hair by Palette Technique
Two Cats
Golden Cat
Bubble Glass Pendant
Flower Earrings
Cockerspaniel Hair Pendant Made Using Palette TechniqueImage of Dog in Heart Pendant Made Using Sepia TechniquePoodle Pendant Using Hair With the Palette TechniqueStriped Hair Cat Image Made Using Palette Technique
Happy Heart
"Tiffany"Striped Cat
Locket of Dog Hair with the Flower made using Palette Technique Flower from Dog Hair Made Using Palette Technique Brittany Spaniel Hair Image Made Using Sepia Technique Image of Bear Using Dog Hair and the Sepia Technique
Locket With Flower Forget Me Not Flower Brittany Spaniel Bear
Bracelet with Dog Hair Art Made Using Sepia Technique German Shepard Face Using Hair With Sepia Technique Calico Cat Hair Bracelet Made Using Sepia and Palette Techniques
"Rusty" "Boss" Bracelet From Cat Hair
Initial and Flower from Dog Hair Using Palette Technique Cross with Flower from Dog Hair Using Palette Technique Squirrel Bracelet Made Using Sepia Technique
Andy's Dog Bracelet
Woven Hair Cross
Turtle Made Using Hair With the Sepia Technique Hair Flowers on a Pink Background Made Using Palette Technique Bracelet Using Husky Hair With the Sepia Technique
Turtle Image
White Flowers
Husky Bracelet


These pendants are individually hand crafted

Using vintage techniques that date back to the 1700's
a small amount of hair/fur from your pet
can be created into the design of your choice to make a
keepsake piece of jewelry.

All pieces are custom made to YOUR specifications
using the hair/fur you provide.

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